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Its that time of the year looking for cuttings of figs I don't have to make a dream come true for me and mom !!! Any help I will be thankful for. These are ones I have growing Now in the ground Kadota,TX Everbearing,Sierra,Brunwick,White Adriatic,Brown Greek,Black Bethlehem,GreenHoney,Hardy Chicago,LSU Purple,Orphan,Guilbeau,Calvert,Brown Turkey,LSU RED,Black Italian,Tena,Alma,Green Ischia,LSU Champage,LSU Hollier,LSU Gold,LSU Everbearing,LSU Scott Black,LSU Thibodaux,Hunt,Smith,Black Russian,Nero 600,LSU O'Rourke,NJ Red Looking for ones I don't have !!! also have 20 types of fruiting Banana trees for trade