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  • Pakistan mulberry cold hardiness and some other questions

    Hello, my property is wide open in may places, temps can easily get down into the low 20s and Ive been told that it can get infrequently lower, I planted a large tree too late last fall, this winters low 20s wiped it out but thankfully I have many new sprouts emerging from the base that are now becoming quite large. Is this gonna happen every year? I understand that many of you prob have a tree in a micro climate environment but that isnt my case.

    How low of temps does your tree survive in the wide open?

    Ive read that Pakistan is the only one that can be cold touchy? I hope this is the case cause I have 4-6 other varieties that Ive planted and am hoping for positive results from.

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    Many mulberries are grafted, so if your tree died back close to the ground there is a chance that it is the root stock variety that is coming up from the sprouts that you see. If on it's own roots and it dies back each year you may not see much fruit. Although mulberries do grow from current year's growth I found that my Pakistan needed to get to a 5' size, with a trunk of hardened (not current season) wood, before it produced more than the occasional berry.
    Richard - San Diego 10a


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      Thank you Richard


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        My Pakistan Mulberry has died back every other year, it was beautiful until we got a cold front at 25 degrees and the truck was like 6” wide and then we got the freeze in Texas to 9 degrees here and I thought I lost it , it started to grow a new shoot and it’s like 7 ft tall but it’s still skinny so I don’t think they handle the cold very good here in Texas.
        Texas 9A


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          A friend has lost several in ground pakistani mulberry trees with about an1-1.5 inch trunk due to severe cold in north FLA, and did not grow from roots,
          however I am in same general area and seem to do ok. I have a inground white beauty mulberry from JFE
          that is doing great. I have several pakistani in 15 gallon pots that are clustered together and also rode out winter ok.
          If severe cold is preceded by mild cold front and gives tree a chance to get dormant, trees will ride out mild winter.
          I consider mild winter low 30's and anything below that as severe for my area.
          BTW, am keeping my pakistani mulberries in pots until they develop enough girth to be deer proof, the first one I planted was about 7 ft tall and was eaten by deer
          down to a 2 ft stub, so I moved to a pot and grew some extra cuttings for insurance, maybe next year u\into ground.


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            Editing a comment
            That’s a great idea, maybe I will put a back up in a pot! , I am still trying to acquire the white and your area is like mine on temps and mine was looking beautiful with a 5” trunk when we got these crazy freeze of 9 degrees here in Texas that killed some dogs also and the rain sure didn’t help me either , way to much!!!! But the black Pakistan is growing again and is like 7ft tall cause I pinched it cut the top because it was to skinning still and as for the deer 🦌😡 , we have a bunch and all my young trees I have to put a fence around to protect them and when they get a certain height I remove it and perfect the tree bark.. Good luck with your season!!!

            Have a blessed day!

            Mario Tx