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  • Citrus Root Weevil?

    I have spotted these on my citrus trees along with a fig tree.
    Can anybody please identify this insect?
    I am worried that these are bad news....
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    Piney Point Village, Zone 8b
    W/L- Allix, Calderona

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    Looks like vine weevil.
    Do you have notches on leaves like the image in the link below ?
    Vine weevils are loathed by gardeners - but there are ways you can deal with them. Follow our simple tips, and you can recognise & control the damage they do.
    UK, zone 8b


    • Bellefleurs
      Bellefleurs commented
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      The citrus root weevils so eat the leaves in a similar fashion. The real damage is to the roots when the larvae feed on them.
      Today I purchased some imidiclopride and treated all of my citrus trees. I plan to repeat in another 4-6 weeks.

    • forky_fig
      forky_fig commented
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      I usuallly get them in strawberries in hanging baskets, I remove the grubs in autumn.

      And if they are many of them, I do preventively a "nematodes" watering in my other container plants.