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  • Jujube

    I am interested in getting 1-3 tree for my property. What are good cultivars? Where is a good place to buy some that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?
    West Feliciana, Louisiana
    Zone 8b
    Working on planting 1 acre with Figs, Persimmon, Loquats, Jujube, Citrus and other fruits.

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    Lang, Honey Jar, and Chico are my favorites so far. Prices everywhere are about the same for what you get, ltd supply post pandemic, etc.
    Wish List: Bass Favorite, Burgan Unk, CdDM, Maltese Beauty


    • SeattleFigs
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      i heard lang is mid season and chico ripens after lang?

    • AustinPermie
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      Update on favorites: I just harvested a late crop of Sherwood & GA-688 -- after 4 years in ground, both of these trees set their first nice crop and they are so sweet and juicy and also very large size for jujube! I've heard GA-688 is supposed to be the highest brix jujube.

      Prior to Sherwood and GA-688,Honey Jar was the sweetest and most juicy jujube I'd tried, but Honey Jar is a very size small fruit, unfortunately. I'd say GA-688 beats HJ easily because it is just as sweet and juicy, if not more, plus it is at least 3-5X the size.

      Threnus, I graft my own.

      SeattleFigs Yes, Lang is mid season and Chico comes after. I have significant swings year to year for timing of dormancy break and fruit ripening. Also, many established jujube trees will put on two separate crops.

      *Apologies for the late reply cos I didn't see the notification.

    • SeattleFigs
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      thank you for the reply, i wished i could grow late jujubes. i will stick with early to mid ripening to be safe.

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    From my research I have concluded Honey Jar and Shanxi Lee seem like great varieties for fresh eating. Coincidentally, Honey Jar makes the smallest fruit and Shanxi Lee the largest out of all the jujube varieties I have read about.
    Australia (Zone 10a)