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  • My Dragon Fruit

    I know common for alot of people, but here in East TN, when we get a bloom, it's a night time event LOL. My son and I went out with a train cam later and got a shot of what we think might be a bat wing ? We've had so many super hot, in the 90's and humid days this summer, we have quite a few buds and blooms on our dragon fruit. Has anyone else seen a bat going to your blooms at night ?

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    Beautiful. Looks like a bat ear.


    • Smokymist
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      Yes it does !! Thank you.

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    I'm pretty sure bats and moths are frequent pollinator of dragon fruit. BTW, your blooms are not unique, in general dragon fruit blooms open up at dusk, and close a bit after sunrise, blooming for a single night. They are large and beautiful, and very fragrant, as I'm sure you noticed.

    Sometimes mine open early enough (an hour or two before sunset) that there are still bees around and I see them swarming the blooms, but bees are not the main pollinators and can't be relied upon to pollinate the flowers. It's generally a good idea to go ahead and hand pollinate whenever you see some blooms to enhance the probability of fruit set. If you have multiple varieties, cross pollinate whenever possible, because some varieties are considered not to be self-fruitful (there is a lot of contradictory info on the internet about many dragon fruit varieties regarding pollination).
    Richard - San Diego 10a


    • Smokymist
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      Wow, I'm kind of surprised at your comment. I was not suggesting my blooms were unique or anything special to anyone, but myself. In fact I said that I realize this is common for others, but it IS unusual here in East TN. We do not have your growing season. Sorry, just showing off what I thought was a pretty bloom.

    • DrDraconian
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      So Sorry, I expressed myself badly and you took it the wrong way. I was quite pleased to see your post on your dragon fruit blossoms. I love the flowers, and it is always a pleasure when people show what they are growing.

      It seemed to me that you were saying that you were thinking that it was a night time event, ie flowering at night, uniquely in your location. I was just trying to express that night night time flowering is normal for dragon fruit. I realize now you were saying that the presence of the blooms was an event at your household. I totally agree, I look forward to getting to see the blossoms here as well. Please accept my apologies for misinterpreting you wording and trying to clarify about the flowering.

      Celebrate your dragon fruit blossoms! I hope that you get a least a few fruit and get to taste them this year.