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  • Giant Swallowtail Caterpillars on my citrus plants!

    I noticed these this past weekend. I saw them last year on Meiwa Kumquat. They are very interesting looking caterpillar. Almost like a snake head. I have several young citrus plants that I was fertilizing over the weekend when I noticed these caterpillars. I won't disturb them. I'll let them go through their cycle. The most I counted were 3 or 4 on one plant. Most of my pants have at least one or more on them. One of them has already formed into a chrysalis on my Thornless Mexican Lime tree (last photo). I know they are very abundant down in Florida. If your growing any citrus you might want to check for these caterpillars. They do eat the leaves but do minor damage when there's only a few. Very cool looking creatures!
    Click image for larger version

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    Yes! I had them on my Red Navel citrus tree last year, interesting chrysalis also.
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      I had a small one on my lemon leaf yesterday. Pretty sure it spiked me when I tried to take it off. Feisty little guy or gal
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        I get the black swallowtails on my dill every year. I put the plant in a little net cage until they turn to butterflies. My kids like to check them every day and then release them.