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  • Cooking with figs. Pork chops smothered in onions and fresh figs with veggies.

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    As I have been batching it with my wife out of town taking care of her mom I now just cook for myself which is cool as I fix what I like when I like. As an Army brat born in Germany my wife's taste in foods do not lean to Cajun, LOL! With New Orleans as a home town you know growing up that cooking is a requirement to learn. We have a lust for life and want food with bold statements, this one is spicy, sweet and different. The diversity of cooking styles and ingredients is amazing. I have always liked fruit with pork and this is a "recipe" from way back. Like all NOLA cooks we don't follow a strict recipes and use what we have. This dish can be modified endlessly I think. I like this so much as I am writing it I am debating eating tomorrow's' lunch right now! A fork with a chunk of chop and a bit of the warm soft and sweet fig is absolute heaven for me. When you cook a fig it loses water and sweetens up some. The Tena is a great fig for cooking as it holds together well and looks nice with the golden yellow color. The Tena fig has turned out to be a pleasant mistake.

    This is a one pot dish with a tight cover for preparation. I use boneless pork loins and trim the fat, use what you want. Same with veggies, here I use broccoli but also like whole green bean, asparagus or squash. The potatoes can be substituted with sweet potatoes or I love turnips, carrots can also be used, your call. As to seasoning I use "Tony Chachere's" for the Cajun spice. Salt and pepper could also be used again your choice.

    You need a frying pan large enough for the number of your pork chops, and veggies.

    Trim meat to reduce saturated fat

    Put tiny amount of oil of your choice in pan to brown meat lightly, when done remove

    Drain oil

    Put chops back on the bottom then a layer of 1/4 inch slices of potatoes, season lightly

    Put layer of 1/4 inch sliced sweet onions to taste

    Put layer or two of veggies, season

    Put fresh figs cut in half skin side up, I used 4 Tena's and a LSU Champagne I had on hand
    for 2 chops, could have used more but too lazy to go pick more

    Add 1/8 cup water and cover.

    Cook over med/low heat for about 20 minutes or until veggies are cooked,
    If you don't have a tight lid you may have to add a little more water.
    Cook a while with lid off to reduce the liquids if needed when cooked.

    Pig Out!

    A cajun will add and change things freely.....so can you.

    Other ideas

    Use 1/2 thick slices of chicken/turkey.

    Fresh Mushrooms would be a great addition.

    Use pork or chicken browned cubes, drop potatoes and add more
    fresh veggies like greens and a slightly sweet and thickened
    with cornstarch soy sauce served over rice for oriental style.

    Add colorful sweet bell pepper slices in red, yellow, orange or purple.

    Add diced tomatoes and a little tomato sauce and serve over rice.

    Change potatoes to diced celery, garlic and tomatoes add heavy
    cream at end for a pink pasta sauce or serve over garlic smashed potatoes.

    We learn to have fun with food early in life......

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ID:	1042127 chops browned, veggies layered and seasoned before cooking down

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    Awesomeness! This is the recipe you mentioned in your talk at yesterday's Fig Frolic. You made me want to try this, so now I'm glad you shared this. Thank you!! Looks absolutely Delish

    "Fresh Mushrooms would be a great addition." I couldn't agree more! (But I may be biased. lol)
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