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  • Anyone want to trade for persimmon scion (aizu michirazu and rojo brillante)?

    I am looking for Aizu Michirazu and Rojo Brillante persimmon scion for grafting this winter. I have a decent fig collection, along with other fruits I could offer for trade. Please let me know if you have these varieties and would be interested! Thanks!

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    I have other persimmons, kaki and native, but not those. Happy to share scions if you'd like.
    SE PA
    Zone 6


    • npolaske
      npolaske commented
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      What kakis do you have? Do they grow well for you in your zone?

    • Kelby
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      I haven't fruited any yet, but so far they are growing well. I could probably get scions from Tam Kam, Saijo, Izu, and maybe Nikita's Gift. Have others that are too small to cut from yet.