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  • Heating mats and trays

    Does anyone use certain mats and trays? Looking for larger trays just can't seem to find them.
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    I use Stuewe. These are 204 pots per tray:

    Forestry trays are heavy weight plastic forest seedling trays with smooth walled cavities for easy seedling extraction and cleaning. All tray cavities have vertical root training ribs. These trays can be set on benches or on “T” rails. Contact us for pricing
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      Dam that's a lot, I'm looking for a smaller set up, maybe 20. I'm not commercial.
      Zone 7a Galloway, NJ


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        I've heard of people using heat tape, but you'll want to do some research to properly implement that.
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          I use a standard small seedling heat mat with cheap disposable aluminum baking sheets from the grocery store. I borrowed this idea from someone else on the other forum, and it's worked out well for me for small batches of rooted cuttings and winter started seedlings.
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            Originally posted by Italianstallon99 View Post
            Does anyone use certain mats and trays? Looking for larger trays just can't seem to find them.
            Not sure what you plan to use them for, but I use plug flats from Johnny's to start my seedlings. I cut a 200 cell tray into 4 by 5 smaller units (20 cells each) and start things like lettuce, tomatoes, peppers etc in them. They last for years. I then transplant into larger cells.

            If you are asking about heat mats, since I live in a warmer environment, I only need heat for a few things - peppers mainly. For germinating those, I put the seeds in the cut-down plug flats in a covered clear plastic container and shine an incandescent light on them. They stay about 80 degrees, and I get good germination.
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              I use these,

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              For indoor,multi-stacked bays.Facilitates bottom watering while
              maximizing usable area.Tray shown below is the "Jumbo"
              which supports 14 #1's.The "Giant" supports 18 #1's.

              Click image for larger version

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