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  • Blueberries and deer

    What are everyone's experiences with blueberries and deer? Specifically the plants, not the fruit. They will be netted once they reach bearing age.

    I'm planting 25 at work this spring in an open field with plenty of those giant rats around. At my house they may nibble on the ends of a couple branches, but that's all. This may be due to location though, as they seldom bother the front yard.

    I'm wondering if some fishing line run down the bed a few times may be enough to deter them.
    SE PA
    Zone 6

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    They don't like BB's at all, but they like the plants.


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      They will eat every last bud off your plants when they start to swell at the end of winter. Then, in the spring they wait until the plants have a good solid flush of new growth. I tried everything for about three years. Finally I just installed a 5 foot fence around my 14 bushes. The deer can jump that but they don't.


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        Guess I'll be buying more deer netting!

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      My biggest problem with deer was bucks using the blueberry plants to rub off velvet They destroy the whole plant when they do that.