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  • I just had blueberries for breakfast

    Eat your hearts out.

    And I need to go back later to pick more ripe ones into a container. First time there are going to be extras beyond the large mammal grazing. It's going to be a very long harvest this year. Perhaps into July. The plants are blooming full-tilt too, with lots of small buds still to open. And doing well vegetatively. Must be the 25 inches or so of rain we've had this winter to flush the pots. Plus the nice weather in between.

    And the pollinators. The other day I saw 5 or 6 bumble bees working the plants. Most I've ever seen at one time. They have been quite rare the past few years. Plus lots of honey bees too.

    It's just gorgeous outside right now. Think I'll go do some weeding. Those are doing well too, lol.
    SoCal, zone 10.
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    Oh great, as if I don't have enough problems finding room for all my figs now I need space for blueberries too!
    Conrad, SoCal zone 10
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      I had my first berries about two weeks ago AND had the first peach off of my soon to be cut down peach trees this week also. Normally those very very early blooms get frozen out as I don't bother to protect them but this year our only cold was in the beginning of January and it wasn't cold enough to burn them off so they all survived.
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        My blueberries are blooming and we are going below freezing this coming weekend.


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          I ate blueberrys out of the freezer but I got to smell all the citrus blossoms in the back yard this morning.......ah


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            Yes, the citrus blossoms are really nice now! I've got a resident mockingbird sizing up my blueberries, so I guess it will soon be time to put nets around them. My one and only Tropic Snow peach tree is full of pink blossoms. I hope to sample my first peach in Apr or May. This variety is supposed to ripen mostly before the arrival of Plum Curculio.here.
            Houston, TX Zone 9a


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              I have a small Florida Prince peach (from HGC) that has already bloomed and has more than a dozen quarter sized peaches on it already. This is after the tree was absolutely mauled by a deer cleaning his antlers late last winter. He almost striped every branch from about 2/3 of the tree. To be honest, was planned to dig this one up this spring and replace it with a fig tree. But it is going to get one more year.

              Two of our blueberry varieties are completely covered in small green fruit. So, I am planning a netting purchase soon.

              We also have 2 to 3 dozen small apples on our Anna apple tree. But nothing on it's pollinator, the Golden Dorsett.

              Crazy for February/March.
              North East, OK - zone 7a/6b
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                wellingtonbill How did your blueberries hold up? I covered mine Friday night and they seem to have done ok


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                  Darn.. although I had some ripe blueberries before the beginning of March, the start of this thread signaled the start of my harvest season of significance. And now, 2.5 months later, it's slowing down. I'd guess there will be another month or so of 'enough' blueberries. And I'm already feeling sad about it. BooHoo.

                  My goal has been to have an extended picking season, and I think this is the longest one yet.
                  SoCal, zone 10.
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                    Crazy, the blossoms on mine aren't even open yet!