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  • Is this stem blight?

    I noticed that pretty much every one of my varieties has a little bit of this issue going on (this example is from my Sweetcrisp). And these are in-ground plants that appear otherwise healthy and leafy. Not sure what is going on here.
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      That looks like what I think it is. We only get a little blight around here (so far), but if my plants had branches like that, that's what I'd think it was. Others might have a more definitive opinion.
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        In my opinion 99.9% sure it isn't blight.

        First if it was blight the stems above the dead brown stems would not be green and certainly would not have healthy leaves. Second if it was blight the dead dry leaves would still be hanging on the plant, they stay on the plant weeks, it is called flagging. Third I believe Sweetcrisp is immune to blight at least that is what I have heard. Some varieties get it easily and some never.

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          That isn't stem blight. Could be any number of other issues. Would need to see the whole plant to have any idea.
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            I'm going down to his place on Saturday so will have a look in person.
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