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  • The Lone Jujube

    I planted four jujube trees this spring (Li, Lang, Shanxi Li, and Tiger Tooth). All leafed out and have done well this summer. Three bloomed and I thought I would have at least a modest crop of fruit this year (yeah, I know, I should remove all first year fruit in favor of development). Well, all but one of the few tiny fruit (Tiger Tooth) dropped before getting more than a few millimeters big. So...here's hoping that my one lone Tiger Tooth jujube hangs in there and ripens. Would love to actually taste one of these interesting fruits.

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    I wish you luck for bountiful harvests in the future. I too planted jujubes this season, a LI and Lang. One has died for no known reason, with the vegetation on the tree...I am fearful it is cotton root rot which is said to occur sporadically in the area, a residual of former commercial agriculture/cotton farming. These jujube trees are sort of expensive, I may go ahead and replace it but the location is now off limits.

    I bought jujubes on a leap of faith, I have never eaten one but I like dates, which the catalogs say they resemble.

    Good luck, Vic


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    I planted mine for the same reason and also as a leap of faith. 😉👍
    Bryant...Franklin County, VA...Zone 7a. Wish List: a 32 hour day....more sleep


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      I got my first jujubes this year off my Sugarcane and Honeyjar trees. They don't really taste like dates when eaten fresh. At least to my taste buds, the fresh ones taste like a dry, but crisp and very sweet apple. They have become a popular fruit in my house. I don't think it's a big leap of faith with a jujube tree. They can be quite delicious.
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        Picking a few myself, I have heard they can be like Dates if very ripe, but even then didn't seem date-like to me, as Johnny stated like crisp apple with no juice.
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          I also planted one after looking at YouTube videos. I bought an older one with fruit on it and thought they taste like a crisp apple if picked early. Sort of a chameleon as the fruit changes flavors if picked at different ripening stages. Pick in the morning at you will be rewarded with the fruit at it's juiciest time. Later in the day it will be drier. If left on the tree to shrivel and prune up like a date the fruit gets sweeter.
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            A friend gave me some "candied" jujubes that were very much like dates. They were soft and moist and sweet and slightly chewy. They were very good but much different than a fresh jujube. I can see the date comparison to these "candied" jujubes.