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  • Can this plant be saved?

    It looks like this Abundance plant got blueberry rust leaf spot? Or something else? Can this plant be treated and saved or toasted? Any suggestion and guidance will be appreciated Click image for larger version

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    Is it mainly on the bottom leaves? If so it may be the leaves from last year that never fell off? If that is so then it is normal for those leaves to have spots- they will fall off. If not , remove the most affected leaves and spray with a fungicide.
    Wills would probably have some good advice too.


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      No worries. The plant actually looks quite healthy. It is just a bit of fungus on the leaves. It happens......some varieties are worse than others. Make sure you fertilize it well and often and will grow right through it. Is it by chance in a spot that it gets shaded from the morning sun? Many times with the BB (and figs) if they don't get the dew off soon enough the leaf spots are worse.
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        Wills, I had this plant in full Sun from dawn to dusk and was spotted this way from the get-go and I thought it was because of too much sun and moved to area where it get sun till 1:00 PM and shaded for the rest of the day. I am fertilizing this plant along with all other bbs equally with weekly AS but this particular plant is not taking off as others do and if you notice the upper leaves are not getting bigger as others when you feed them AS....maybe it is sick and can't grow fast?

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      I have a couple Abundance plants. Spots on the leaves seems par for the course. At first I worried about it... now, a few years later, I don't pay too much attention to it.
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        Some plants just grow slower and like I said some are just susceptible to the fungus. The plant looks very healthy, just give it time and it will work itself out. Definitely put it back in full all day sun though, that could be why it's growth is slower.
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          Thanks for all the suggestions/recommendations. After almost 3 months of full sun and few fungicide treatments, the plant has a new look. Some of the newer leaves, however, have very rough (bumps and dents) surface (better view on the second picture) rather than smooth surface as any bb leaves are supposed to have. Is this is due to Ca or B deficiency or virus? Or something else? Click image for larger version

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