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  • Re-blooming BBs.

    Some years some of my plants do a bit of reblooming after harvest, but this year, there are far more putting out buds and flowers. Not all of them, and not massive amounts, but enough to think I'll have a smattering of berries a few months from now.

    I'm seeing new flowers on Emerald, Biloxi, Sharpblue, Jewel, SweetCrisp, Misty, and I think one or two others.

    Looking good in the quest for year-round fruits. Perhaps not so good for pruning...
    SoCal, zone 10.
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    Interesting! I have seen Emerald put out some late flowers if I didn't prune fast enough after harvest and left them to see what happens but ultimately they all aborted. Probably pollination related. I wouldn't let it keep you from pruning though, just prune around them and hope for the best. You may be in good shape with many different varieties putting out late flowers for cross pollination.

    I've got one more Sweet Crisp that I need to prune today and I'm done for the season.


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      My harvest is almost done, but still too soon to do too much pruning. And now the blooms are going to make that even more difficult. Fortunately last year I pruned severely, and looking at the plants, there just won't be too much that will need trimming out.

      There are a good number of bees in the BB enclosure, so hopefully the flowers will all get pollinated.

      The SweetCrisps have been lightly ripening fruits all season, and are still not done. They also have been producing new flower buds between the ripening fruits. Even one new cane from this spring put out flowers at the ends of the secondary branches. !!
      SoCal, zone 10.
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        Zone envy here!!! I cut my plants back hard this season. They were getting unruly and very wide. I tend to over prune most seasons trying to encourage new canes to sprout yearly on every plant but they seem to always spring back every season strong. I'm going on my 7th season with some of my blues and no end in sight yet. I'm interested in how long these SH stay healthy and productive in a pot? Time will tell but so far so good!


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          Some of the commercial folks here still grow in pots but I think 15+ years with good management is no problem at all. I have been so behind I am just now pruning my bushes.....got 2/3 done today. Normally I have them all done by May 20th or so. I now know why the commercial folks mechanically sheer because even just the 400 ish BB plants I have pruning is a royal pain in the backside.


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            Lol, I couldn't imagine pruning 400 blues by hand! I take about 30 min per plant cause I'm so anal about it. I wouldn't finish pruning till August! I hope your right about 15+. I've got most in 35 gallon pots now but I think I'm done with those big pots. I ain't no spring chicken any more. They are HEAVY!!!!!!