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  • Can this plant be saved? ....Part II

    Here comes the second plant that is in trouble.....does this look like just a pH problem or something else? Can this RE called "Titan" be treated or toasted? Any suggestion and guidance will be appreciated.
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    Hi, it doesn't look like a pH problem - too high pH tends to show as mineral deficiency. This looks more like some sort of burn such as too much fertilizer, or just the plant getting too dry. BBs are unforgiving of going dry, especially in containers.
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      I agree it looks like it went dry.
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        I'm experiencing the same problem with a Spartan. What can be done to help these plants if anything? OF note: the only problem is with the Spartan plant. Others treated the same in the same soil and the same place with the same type of container are doing fine?!?
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