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  • Blueberry Propagation

    Here is a relatively easy way to propagate. As mentioned in previous post it takes a long time even after leaves form to make roots. Find an old humidifier and channel the mist into a large clear plastic tote. Line the bottom of the tote with a mixture that will not soak too easily. You will need drainage holes! I used 50/50 mix of peat and builders sand (coarse). It is best to use soft wood cutting about 6 to 8 inches long and insert at least 1/3 of the length into the soil mixture. Place container in indirect sunlight. Make sure humidifier never runs out of water. When adding water to the humidifier allow plant to air out some so leaves don't develop fungus but not too long as to dry out. Some varieties root easier than others. Sunshine Blue and Sweetcrisp are relatively easy! I have also started some blackberries this way. Be patient. You are looking at a 2 month commitment if you do this. You can start checking for roots at about 8 weeks. Once you transplant, place in indirect sunlight and keep soil moist. Good luck.

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    Good info, thanks for sharing! One word of caution though, be careful of varieties you propigate as most are under patents.


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      Good point! I read somewhere Sweetcrisp is easy to propagate.