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  • Is it okay if I let my young blueberry produce fruit in the first years?

    I read in many sources that you should remove all of the flower buds during the first years of your blueberry bush.
    But I have a total of eight bushes, all 2-year-old, and they have too many flowers, I don't even have the time to remove all of the buds... Is it okay if I don't remove the flowers and let nature take its course?

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    If a new blueberry plant blooms, I just let it happen. If too many fruits are set, I will do some thinning since that can kill a young, less than vigorous plant. If it's a new variety for me, I really do want to taste it ASAP. I"m not growing blueberries to sell, so I'd rather satisfy my curiosity than have to wait another year. I've also never really noticed that I've set a plant back by doing this since they tend to grow like weeds.

    Earlier this year I purchased a few plants from an unreliable source via ebay. One of them has a few flowers on it, which is a total surprise since when got them they were smallish tissue culture starts. I'm quite curious how they will be, so I'll let the plants and pollinators decide for me.
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      Thank you, Gina! I loved your answer
      I agree with you. I don't grow blueberries to sell, either, so why wait? If they want to flower and reproduce, I will let them do it

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    I don't let them fruit the first year, yes I am in the minority on this subject. If they are really small no fruit for two years.
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      I would remove the flower buds, or at least most of them. If you leave a few you can taste the variety, but you really want all that energy going into root development to establish the plant. I made the mistake of leaving the flowers on some new blueberries this year, and in retrospect I wish I had removed them all.