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  • New to Berries

    I am new to blueberries. Don't have any yet and would like to continue my tradition of adding something new to grow each season. Did apples and wheat last year. This year I am thinking of Blueberries and Barley. I've already selected the Barley (Bere- from sustainable seeds) but am looking for help with the berries.

    How does this "berry patch" from Raintree seem for a beginner zone 6b. partial sun location. I plan on adding lots of pete to the soil to acidify.

    #E209 Chandler Blueberry
    #E246 Liberty Blueberry
    #E272 Pink Lemonade Blueberry
    #E282 Rubel Blueberry

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    Frank, according to USDA's updated zone map you are in 7a, correct? I'm in 7a and I'm further north and further away from the core of the city than you are. Here, I've had very good luck with Sunshine Blue (Edible Landscaping). It is a more compact bush than most southern highbush, is very tasty, and retains its leaves most winters (but not this one). I would also recommend O'Neal which is the sweetest one I have and a good bearer (though it's flavor might not be as complex as some - maybe the "Celeste of blueberries").
    D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n, MD; zone 7a
    WL: Castillon, Fort Mill Dark, White Baca


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      Yes you are right it does look like 7a. Thanks for the update and the suggestions. I've had good luck with rain tree rootstock so hopefull the same will be true for berries.