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  • When to buy plants

    I am a new member and new to Blueberry growing. Have been growing for less than one year, so far so good. I am growing in modified 5-1-1 mix with rain water and acidified tap water all in pots. I would like to add to my collection over time and was wondering if it is alright to buy plants during the summer months. I am in North Orange County CA Zone 10a and the last couple summers have been very hot. Should I wait to buy during Fall and Winter?

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    Hi Stevel, welcome to the forum. You can buy plants at any time of the year, depending on how they are growing. If in pots, anytime is fine, though often nurseries don't know how to take care of them and they can be chlorotic.

    You are in California, so it can be difficult to get most growers to send plants into the state. There are some sellers on ebay that will however, but you have to be careful of what you are getting, and the plants tend to be very small. I've bought some of those and with care, they will grow fast.

    If you have good local nurseries, you can also get a nice selection of bare root plants right now, which many think is the best time to buy and plant.

    Good hunting.
    SoCal, zone 10.
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      Thanks Gina, I have bought bare root Emerald and Jewel here on West Coast but use FHN for Sweetcrisp and Springhigh. Those plants are small but seem healthy, just wondering if you have success with such small plants when it warms up.