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    Hello Group Will c I have tried to grow Blue berries in ground in Cameron LA 3 or four years with no Luck The root systems root down to the water line and Die I think I have salt patches ?? Any way I am looking for some rooted different types for zone 9 Thanks Joe

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    You can grow in pots, half 55 gallon barrels work great OR you could try growing them in raised beds. Are you sure the issue is salt and not PH? That is easy to treat just using acidified water or just rain water.
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      At your location, southern highbush and some rabbiteyes should work very well. Low chill varieties of course. I agree that pots or half barrels would work just fine and if you have had the room for in ground plants then you can successfully do raised beds. Blueberries are shallow rooted and a 8-12 inch high raised bed would keep the roots above the water line. You could be suffering from root rot disease in your current situation. I have very poorly draining clay soil and found that raised beds work extremely well for me. I built a long bed of concrete blocks and filled with a 50-50 mix of peat moss and pine bark mulch.
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        If you have a pH meter or even pH strips you could check the pH of the soil as that is the likely source of the problem when planting in the ground. Growing in the ground here even with amended soil is a recipe for failure, but my blues have been doing great in pots with proper acid potting mix and acidified water and fertilizer.
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