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  • Springwide?

    Anyone know where to find springwide. I am in CA so would need to be able to be shipped here.

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    Just Fruits and Exotics have it.... But... like most others they can't ship to California.

    Over the years, it's been nearly impossible to acquire the newer blueberry varieties. Florida Hills Nursery will ship to Cali, but they are not the most reputable of sellers. I was able to get a few new varieties from them this past year (through ebay), but there definitely were mistaken plants. I knew the risk however, and did get mostly what I ordered. The plants I got were small but healthy and have grown very well.

    They (florida hills) list SpringWide on their website, but are 'sold out'. I would not take the chance of asking them if they have any cuz they simply would send you anything they had regardless of accuracy just to make the sale.
    SoCal, zone 10.
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      Thanks Gina,
      I am familiar with Florida Hills Nursery, I have bought Snowchaser, Springhigh, and Sweetcrisp (two different times) the Sweetcrisp seem to be different from the different orders but they are small yet and some have not grown much yet. I ordered some Sweetcrisp from WillsC and will be happy to know I am getting what I ordered. Would love to find some springwide for the low chill hours. Those evergreen BB's that WillsC mentioned sound like something to try to pursue.


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        I also purchased Snowchaser, springhigh, and scintilla from them. The scintillas (3 of them) were two obviously different varieties. Two of the 3 have bright green leaves and a very distinct aspect unlike any other blueberry I have. I suspect it is one of those pink fruited berries. If they taste good, that's OK I guess.

        I got my sweetcrisps from Wills a couple years ago. They are doing well here. A scant few are ripening now, and there are still blossoms, so the season will be long.

        I also would love to get my hands on some of those new evergreens, though my current plants are mostly evergreen already. I am more interested in the season extension they are supposed to offer. I suspect however, that like Indigocrisp, getting them is going to be a challenge, and not just for Californians.
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        SoCal, zone 10.
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