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  • buy blueberry bareroot

    hello sir,,,i want try planting blueberry.where a i buy bareroot of blueberry and other berry familly also?

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    Hi, I don't know where you live, but here in California it's too late to find bare-root blueberries locally. I was able to buy a few online about a month ago, but that nursery is now out of them. You probably could find berries in containers however.

    While some find bareroots produce better plants, you should still be able to find very small (not bareroot) plants on Ebay, or perhaps other on-line sources. But not everyone ships to everywhere.
    SoCal, zone 10.
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      Ouachita Blueberry Nursery (http://ouachitablueberrynursery.com) and Bottoms Nursery (http://www.bottomsnursery.com) are the two online stores (that I know of) offer bareroot blueberry and other berry plants. You have to place an order (online or by phone) before April 1. So, you still have few days left to place an order, if you want to. FYI: I ordered from both of these online stores and I am happy with Ouachita Blueberry Nursery's plant price, shipping cost, packaging style, communication and relations with customers but not so happy with Bottoms Nursery.
      Zone 8B, Texas