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  • Black Zadar

    Finally, I tasted Black Zadar! I lost figs to the squirrels 2years in a raw. I had to use metal fence this year. Black Zadar is a really weird looking fig. It looks like a space ship and very soft, sweet berry flavor with figgy flavor?
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    It does seem to be a favorite of animals. Last year the deer singled it out for theft. They walked past other trees with ripe figs to gt to it.
    Joe, Z6B, RI.


    • jrdewhirst
      jrdewhirst commented
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      No ideas. I would guess scent, but I really have no clue.

    • Fig-Doctor
      Fig-Doctor commented
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      Perhaps it’s aroma? I smell flower whenever I get near it!

    • Bellefleurs
      Bellefleurs commented
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      The squirrels always seem to seek out and swipe the most anticipated figs.
      Very annoying