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  • Rooting from the wrong end

    Some of my figs are rooting from the wrong end and above the potting level - air roots. Am I doing something wrong? Too much humidity? They are parafilm wrapped. I am using humidity domes with open vent holes. They are in indirect light.

    Some have both new leaves budding out and air roots rooting out at the same level, above ground, at the same time. They are very confused, as I am. :-) ​​​​

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1626303110461577.jpg Views:	1 Size:	121.3 KB ID:	1012411
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    Yeah, that's not a problem - the excess humidity is what's causing the appearance of aerial roots. You can break them off or you can let them dry out later on. There's no reason to use a humidity dome when you've wrapped your cuttings - except to reduce evaporation in your rooting medium. What I do to reduce evaporation is cover the rooting medium with cling wrap.
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      Okay. Good to know. I just took another look and noticed some mold growing inside too. Temps inside were 80°F and 50% humidity. I will take the humidity domes off and see if that helps retard the mold growth and correct things.
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