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  • Cardenillo fig

    Mother tree has grown in 3 gallons. Excellent fig, did not split in rains. I picked fruits little early because of squirrels but it still has a very good flavor. Thank you MarianM!
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    I’ve been on the hunt for this!
    Round Rock, TX 8b
    WL: Delicious figs


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      Wow! Cardenillo is the best fig from BrianM! It has a full of honey inside and has a strong peach flavor. Soft and didn’t split in rains!
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      • Bellefleurs
        Bellefleurs commented
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        Sounds like an excellent choice for the South.

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      Does anybody have any background on this fig? Or point me to info on the net. I have a young tree I obtained in a trade.


      • Brian M
        Brian M commented
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        From Spain and from a big collector there. I think he has 400 varieties. My trees were both devoured by gophers but I re rooted them and put them in cages. The fig is a top variety

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      Yea I have been looking for this one....seems hard to find. gah!
      Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

      Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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        My tree doesn't seem to like it if it doesn't get consistent watering. For the previous two years the figs have dropped if the tree is stressed even a little bit. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it happy so I can get some figs this year. If not, it's going to have to find a new home no matter how good it might be.
        Richard - San Diego 10a


        • key88sf
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          I will offer my home if you are unable to keep it happy