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  • Super Red fig

    I think Super Red is not going to work well for me. It is a huge size fig but spoil too easy.
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    Take note FigBid buyers (and I'm one of them). This post is why Fig-Doctor is a reputable seller. He fruits what he sells and he'll give you an honest assessment and not try to pawn off a sub-standard fig to make a sale. The Doctor could have told us the fig had a unique flavor and not mentioned the splitting and we wouldn't know any better until a few years down the road.

    I've seen a couple of other sellers be transparent as well but not many. This is why I often mention that I wouldn't buy from unknown sellers who don't contribute to the forum. I've bought from Fig-Doctor and his trees are excellent and well rooted. Well done and thanks for your candor.
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      ^^^Agreed!!! I’m taking note of those the Dr says do and don’t split for him….