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  • Mitas fig

    It was a mystery fig until it fruited! I couldn’t find any informations about this fig! It tasted very good even it has grown in 3gallon size pot. Mitas reminds me of LDA.
    You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 4 photos.
    Last edited by Fig-Doctor; 07-14-2021, 10:09 PM.

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    So.....you're sold out and now you're teasing us with all these amazing looking figs? 😄
    C.Florida 9B WL: I-258 , Black Ischia, Ham Rham, Ghoudane , Moro de Caneva


    • Fig-Doctor
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      Sorry, I did not post on Ourfigs because it can over price my fig. I did it for buyers!

    • FloraFig
      FloraFig commented
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      It's ok,I'm just joking.
      I'm usually not on figbid, so it's my loss.

      I appreciate you posting this though. It gives me ideas what can be grown in Florida.

      I'm in Central Florida.

    • Fig-Doctor
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      If you can cover the top when it almost ready than splitting is not a problem. I cover most of my Black Madeira and I-258. They are just too good!