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  • black spots on fruit

    I have a 4 yr old Hardy Chicago in a 20 gal pot that I was expecting great things from this year after a very good year last year. After some thread searching it seems to be necrotic spots on the figs and has been going on for a while. Black spots which leak a little sap which then hardens. Inside if fig is fine. Some fall when touched. I noticed the tree was drying out quicker than the others and upon further checking I realized that when it was re potted in the fall I didn't go to a much bigger pot and didnt pack the soil down well along the sides ending up with large air pockets between the root ball and sides of container. It was probably over half of the surface area of the old root ball. That has been corrected. Do you think that mistake could be the possible cause of the spots? Maybe the figs couldnt develop properly with over half the roots exposed to air and more vulnerable to problems? Hopefully back to normal next year.

    Ballston Spa NY zone 5A

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    Its been my experience that black / brown spots on the figs (especially the Mt Etna Types) can sometimes to be traced back to nutrient deficiencies, Calcium / Magnesium related.

    The exposed roots were probably not very effective in absorbing sufficient nutrients. If the plant is relatively healthy there should not be any permanent damage. Good luck.
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b