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  • some posterier covering

    JUST READ the CDFA proposal to rate the BFF and aggre with it 99% .But thy state that before the infestation in southern calif , started this spring it had not been found in the new world so they had not rated it till now ! then go on to say it was found in Mexico in 2020 !!!!!!! they should have rated it then and taken action . AND THEY should state that also ! especialy considering they where alowing figs to be imported from mexico after infestation was known there . INVITE CDFA AND USDA TO EXPLAIN THERE INACTION ?????? ON THIS FORUM .
    Zone 10a So. Calif. W.L. Super tasty new finds !

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    Agreed! Nothing will come about other then finger pointing though...
    The best thing to do is to have a good, comprehensive response to the BFF...

    Our government is in conflict; on one hand fig trees are invassive species so why protect them, on ther other it is a commercial crop...

    I think largely we will be left to our own volition...Time to band together and figure it out...
    AKA Frankenberry/Scubasamdo
    Arroyo Grande / Central Coast of California, 10a/b, AHS 1


    • Fig Gazer
      Fig Gazer commented
      Editing a comment
      I agree ,just did not want that fact to just slide by .NO good reason to cry over spilled milk ,time to give the CDFA all the help we can and be happy there getting started !