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  • Newbie in the need of a Fig Doctor

    Hello there!

    Im new to this forum and Im hoping to learn and share with you a lot!

    I live in Mallorca (Spain) so my weather is probaly very similar to that of Los Ángeles, with 450L rain/m2 per year (Mediterranean/Semi-arid/Subtropica). No needing to say this is the perfect weather for Fig Trees, they are native. They grow wild here but the ones that do are generaly fruitless (males?) or with small wild fruits. They are known to grow everywhere (in cliffs, with very litle ground, etc...). Just saying just in case some of you, collectors, want some wild trees for rootstock or something. I dont know jaja

    Anyways... What I came to ask is if any of you know what is happening to my one and only fig tree (for now, lets see after I checked figbid.com 😂): Too many immature figs are dropping... See the photos below.

    Extra info: We dont water the tree directly, but we use swimmingpool water that we dump to clean the filters, so have in mind that the water It recieves have more calcium carbonate, cooper and sodium cloride (not to much) than tap water. Also this fig tree is supposed to be a "Coll de Dama" variety (Lady's Neck/Coll de Dame), but Im not completly convinced.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english 🥴
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    Welcome. Can you cut open some of the figs and post pictures of those?

    Also check out some of the BFF threads. A couple are stickied at the top of the forum.
    Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste


    • Hansuld
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      You were right!

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    Pic #4 shows an exit hole like the ones we are seeing with the Black Fig Fly. Cut open a few figs as Don suggests and look for larvae.
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      Here is the culprit
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      Zone 10 - Balearic Islands, Mediterranena Sea
      WL - Not to be sorrounded by native pest


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        Yep, looks like the Black Fig Fly. Is it a new problem for you?

        Sorry you have to deal with that!
        Round Rock, TX 8b
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        • Hansuld
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          Yep, its native, but its the first year that we got It... There are another 2 fig trees in my parcel (we share It with another 2 families) and neither of them have any of the pests that mine have... Mine is 2-3 years younger than those other 2 but is 4-5 times bigger than the other 2 fig trees. I Guess bigger trees stract more pests? Maybe is the variety? Still, It is looking very healthy.

        • Halligan-
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          Your tree looks super healthy, wish mine looked that good!
          Sorry you have to deal with the pests

        • Hansuld
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          I thought too that It was healthy 😂 But after Closer inspection It has a coccidae parasite (that I took care already), a serious problem with BFF and Fig Mosaic Virus all over its leaves (which means the tree is probably a litle bit stressed). Only think I hope is that I dont get maggots on the ripe figs. A fig tree I had many years ago had figs that where to grose to eat... I think the culprit of that was the African Fig Fly... So its also living around 😂

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        Hansuld Yikes! sorry to see this! Definitely check out the thread "Urgent Psa for all California Growers". https://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-h...fornia-growers There is a grower from France sharing advice and pictures. Take aways for me- Collect all figs daily that seem to be damaged, don't let any fall to the ground and you can also try to protect the figs by covering the ostiole when they are small.The grower ( who named themselves silba adipata) says that sometimes a tree will be attacked, sometimes not, based on three factors, the variety, the place where it is growing, and the level of activity of the BFF in any given year. I hope you can find some help from local growers groups in your region, maybe at a a university. They might have strategies for you. Your English is excellent! We wish you success in fighting this pest!
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          Hello Hansuld
          welcome to the forum!
          Thank you for your fig reporting as well as those pictures from your tree.
          Are you aware of the great Fig Doctor you have near your door step ?
          Correct..you should not live too far from Mr Montserrat Pons a World Authority on figs growing over 1300 fig varieties in Mallorca
          He could eventually bring you good help
          Question: - have you fig tree ever produced edible figs ??
          Those many dark schriveled fruit in the ground may indicate your tree to need pollination?!
          Iam growing a few local figs ..not too far.?.in the Algarve (Portugal)
          good figging


          • Hansuld
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            Thank you!

            Oh! Yees, I saw the Fig Doctor posts and I also saw that some of the names of the varieties he posted are in Mallorquin (the local catalan dialect). I kind of knew he could be the famous fig grower in my island (I tried for several years to go yo his farm). The thing that I dont get is that he sells in FigBid and I though FigBid was only an american market. I will contact him and I Will aslo try to build some fly traps with hexanol.

            And yes, that fig tree has been giving fruit for almost 4 years now but It was not until 2 years ago that production exploded! Almost 1/2kg/day from August to October. So I dont think we have a pollination problem. Pretty good flavour if you pick them ripe when they start getting the stretch marks. I need to be faster than wasps and birds and pick them right in the morning jaja We also just got the first brevas this year. Veeeery big elongated ones, but I didnt have the luck to taste any, birds took them before they were completly ripe.

            Btw, I Will be visiting Algarve soon (if Covid behaves...) at August's end. I dont know If I Will have any time because I Will go with a group of Friends. But Who knows!