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  • Nerucciolo de Elba fig

    Excellent small size fig and did not split! I tried to root several cuttings but I failed I guess. Perhaps next year!
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    Looks tasty!
    Tom V
    San Diego,CaUSA
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      My NdE tree has been a really slow grower. Have you experienced this as well?
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      • ieatfigs
        ieatfigs commented
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        Mine too, relative to my others. The stem is constantly thin, and doesn't put out fat leaves.

      • Fig-Doctor
        Fig-Doctor commented
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        Yes, I don’t see FMV sign but still grow slowly.

      • SubmarinePete
        SubmarinePete commented
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        Yeah that’s my main gripe with this fig—it grows really slowly for me

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      My nerruciolo is doing well. Not quite as vigorous as some others with side branching but it’s covered with fruit. I will still grow it out on its own roots when I start new plants in spring.


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        Great looking fig, I guess that’s main crop, Have you had any breba?
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          Both this one and Figoin are not robust growers thus far. They put out a good amount of growth but it isn’t very thick.
          Zone 6A


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            There seems to be a couple varieties going by the name of nerrucciolo d' elba. Olga (dragon king) sold some cuttings on ebay back in 2017 or 2018....that one has rounded lobes....here is what it looks like

            there is the belfiore which looks like this....these are both Mario's photos. I have both of the varieties and will be comparing them. I have extras of the belfiore type if anyone is looking for this. My Belfiore leaf type is growing pretty well. They were amongst the most vigorous rooters / growers this past season and are about to bust out of the tree pots, in need of an up potting. To hear that this is not a vigorous variety is a surprise to me.
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            • MyDogMike
              MyDogMike commented
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              That would explain what I’m seeing. I’ve got trees from 2 sources and I appear to be growing both…

            • Gladstone1969
              Gladstone1969 commented
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              I bought this from Bigbill from Off the Beaten Path Nursery during his sale this year. The leaves of his version are definitely the rounded versions that are pictured on the fig database that you link above. I hope it is also cold hardy. Bigbill what was your source for your NdE? I’m trying to get the Belfiore variant to compare, given all the hype it’s gotten lately. Thank you.

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            figs and tropicals Interesting… I think I have the Belfiore version based on the leaf shape, but it definitely isn’t a vigorous grower for me. Maybe it’s just a matter of perspective? I’m used to figs growing 6-8 ft in a season. It’s growing, just not as fast as the others. Here is a photo:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	19D92F0A-7B7F-4132-9E3C-731262E664BF.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	364.1 KB ID:	1013876
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            Sacramento, CA - zone 9b


            • figs and tropicals
              figs and tropicals commented
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              yeah, that looks like the belfiore type. and perspective for sure...those leaves look huge!