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  • Diagnostic uncertainty, seeking advice

    I am thinking this is rust and am looking for some confirmation or other suggestions. It seems to be mostly on new growth (which also makes me think nutrient deficiency), and the new leaves are more yellow with some orange spots
    It has been raining a fair amount, I also think FMV is starting to come out and wondering if the fertilizer washed out, and made the figs more susceptible to rust. Anyway, the figlets on the cicco nero look funny and affected to me, are these still likely to ripen or should they be picked off?
    I have added in some more granular fertilizer. Am trying to track down a source to add silica to see if that will help.
    Other suggestions welcome, thank you!
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    Try some Gypsum and Micro-nutrients and check for adequate pH. The FMD symptoms and new deformed leaves are an indication of Immobile Nutrient Deficiency.
    Some members have indicated that they have also had Fig Mite infestation, that could happen if Fig Plants are imported in from infested areas without adequate quarantine and miticide treatment. Good luck.

    Nutrient Deficiency... https://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-h...s-in-fig-trees
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      one of my trees has similar issues, i am pretty certain mine is due to too much water/rain lately
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      • AscPete
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        Yes, It could be due to the excess water / rain diluting aka "watering down" the "Soil Solution" causing nutrient deficiency symptoms...

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        Thanks, the newest leaves are appearing better!