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  • Piedmont region figs

    Hey all. Does anybody know of any figs specific to the Piedmont region of NW Italy? I can make guesses but I’d love the opinions of people far more knowledgeable on this. One of the most amazing people in my life, my middle school art teacher, her husband’s family came from that region. I’d like to find him something cool, and chances are I already have it. He loves all things Italian but only has an Italian honey tree in really bad shape, but he loves figs.

    I don’t know any specifics of towns his family came from, just the region. As it borders Switzerland and France I can make assumptions, and I have a lot of Italian figs now, but I figured I could start him with Ciccio Nero since I’ve proven it to be early enough here.

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    The Juda fig variety that onegreenworld.com sells is from Piedmont. But I have no idea how it is in quality. I don’t know if any of Mario’s figs are from there...
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