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  • Is there any way to prevent figs from fermenting?

    Our weather is warm 100˚+ daytime, 90˚ night time. Lots of our yellow honey figs are fermenting on the tree. Is there any way to prevent this?
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    Are you using shade cloth?
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      RosyPosy, "Are you using shade cloth?"

      No, we aren't using shade cloth. This is an in-ground fig that I didn't prune in 2020 when I came down with Valley Fever. It's probably 25 feet tall and 30 feet wide. Next winter I need to shorten this tree to no taller than 8 feet.

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    Invite me over to eat them before they ferment.

    On a serious note, like Rosy said....shade cloth may help...there is varying thicknesses for more or less shade.
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