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  • More figs from Gaza

    Hello dear friends,

    Here are more figs from Gaza,

    1- Swadi small; sweet and a bit bitter, aggressive taste
    2- Balady or Shami; sweet with a strawberry flavor, really tasty and popular
    3- Bahri desert type; sugar and juicy becomes very large with extra irrigation
    4- Muwazi with average irrigation not high; honey, juicy and cranchy.

    All of these fig varieties grow in Gaza on the Mediterranean east coast, we call them locally by these names.

    It could be that these varieties are also available in the US under other names, it would be nice if someone mentions the names.

    Many thanks to all of you.

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    I was told that many in the middle east believe that Mwazi = Shiitawi

    I have shiitawi as well, and many in my family also believe it is a synonym for Mwazi

    you have any thoughts on this Ramoulia?

    Los Angeles, CA


    • Ramouila
      Ramouila commented
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      I mean these are two different varieties, you have to note that people are generally not buried with fig knowledge and very often confuse names of varieties.

    • nickawwad
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      thanks, this synonym also came from a very well known and legitimate seller in Israel/Palestine.

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    I like #2 best, but they all look like they “Need another day”
    Wish list. White Baca, Kafe Te Jiate, Crozes, Angelito, TD Yellow Crinkle, Brown Sugar Crunch, Algerian Chetoui


    • Dtownfigs
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    • mwhight34
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      Yes definitely underripe

    • Ramouila
      Ramouila commented
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      As soon as they show cracks, they are edible. If I don't pick them now, the bird will. They can contain more juice if they are watered regularly, but they don't.

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    Thanks for showing these four fig varieties
    They all seem fine and to be delicious
    Wonder if some Smyrna types are to be shown later (?)


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      Thanks for sharing. Could Swadi also be called Souadi in the US?
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      • KMH
        KMH commented
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        Swadi souadi... Different English spellings of the same Arabic description for black. It's just a color descriptor and seems to generically refer to black figs.

      • TNJed
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        Thanks KMH

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      The 2nd one looks very good. I love figs with red interior.
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