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  • A Surprisingly Early Ripening Fig

    I was really surprised when a few days ago I saw a couple of brebas on a two years old Troaino Calabrese fig (from: Wiilsfigs), growing in a 10-gal. grow bag in full sun here in NJ (zone 6b), that appeared like they were swelling up fast. It may have been due to some rain storms we recently had, but that did not seem to affect other varieties so much. Finally, when I felt they were ready to fall off, I decided to pick them.

    A medium, 62-gram in weight, and juicy, mildly honey-sweet fig. An overall 6 or 7,on a scale of 1-10. Most interestingly, a surprise for a fig ripening in mid July here in NJ.

    Location: NJ, zone 6b
    Wish List: BNR

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    No pics?
    East Coast, Zone 7a
    WL: Boysenberry Blush, CdDB, BNR


    • Harish-C
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      I see four photos that I posted with my message, which are there along with my message Don't you see them?

    • key88sf
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      Don't see any pics.

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    Was this tree started in the greenhouse? I am at least a few weeks away from main crop but no greenhouse- yet!
    NNJ 6B
    Wishlist: Cessac!


    • Harish-C
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      Yes, I started all my forty some figs in my greenhouse; moved them all out to full sun when they had all leafed out.

      Several other varieties have figs on them that are also turning color, but I don't think they will ripen for another month or so.

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    Did you say breba? If so, it isn’t particularly early for breba especially where you live.
    Most breba figs are ripening now even in the cool Pacific Northwest.


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      Nice I came home today to see my first fig of the year starting to turn purple, a Violeta fig. Very surprised since it’s a late fig for most people
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      • Harish-C
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        My RdB, VdB, Nero 600 M, are also turning color, but I think it will be another month or so before they are ready.

      • KDAD
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        My Bordeaux types are also coloring up but it does seem like they will be a month away. It's like they practically started with a bit of purple on them.