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  • Atreano

    Here is my 1st Atreano. It is grown from a stick this winter. I let it grow 3 figs. All the others I ripped off. I stymied its growth several times by not up potting it in a timely manner. Still it grew into a large plant. It could have ripened more figs but I live with the decision. For whatever reason it is sweeter than I anticipated. Good seed crunch. Not a lot of flavor but still I like it. My wife likes it also.
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    Very nice looking fig & tree Blackfoot! I can't wait to try my Atreano this year (also a 1st yr tree)! Isn't this variety such a beast as far as vigor & production? I know you mentioned removing a lot of figs too, but I decided not to remove any until after the 4th of July (may regret that on some varieties later lol) but this Atreano just keeps pumping them out! Of course I'm removing the newly forming figs now (and they keep coming too lol) but I couldn't imagine this tree growing any faster than it has.. It's busting out of the 5gal SIP I have it in.. Clearly needs a bigger pot ASAP, but I'm trying to wait for the figs to ripen.. Im so glad to hear you are reporting such high marks as far as your review of its taste.. Can't wait to try mine too 👍🏼

    Thanks for sharing!
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    • Blackfoot12
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      Hi Jamie.Please post pics of the interior when yours ripen. I am interested to see what the interior of yours looks like. Also curious to know what you think of the taste. As far as the size of the plant....they are monstrous plants.I have to keep pruning mine at the top as I am afraid it will grow too tall and tip over in the wind.

    • Jamie0507
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      I will definitely do that blackfoot! BTW You were REALLY smart to summer prune the top of your Atreano! I did not do that & today we had a freak thunderstorm with high winds blow threw that tossed my potted fig trees about like they were nothing and my beautiful Atreano was the 1st to timber over! There was so much lightening & heavy rain going on I couldnt really even assess the damage.. Im scared to look tomorrow morning!

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    I was able to pick my first Atreano last night and I really liked it. I thought it had quite a bit of a flavor that I can't quite describe. Maybe honey, I guess? Not berry or any type of melon. Fast rooter, strong grower, productive, nice sized figs, great flavor. It'll end up being a favorite if it keeps it up.
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