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  • Where to find profichi in Los Angeles

    Hi all, I’m new to growing smyrna and looks like my smyrna is dropping figs in Pasadena. I’m unsure but maybe there are no caprifigs close enough to my plant. It’s the first year it’s putting out figs—plant is only 3.5 feet tall but is full of figs and they are dropping.

    does anyone know where I could find a caprifig right now in LA so I could get some profichi from it?

    edit: thankfully no signs of BFF btw so I’m pretty sure it’s lack of pollination.

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    Be very carefull bringing in profici to your property, inspect carefully for BFF , AT A MINIMUM place in bottom of 5 gallon bucket with a inch or to off poting soil ,so any worma/magots will go down instead of jumping out ,place bucket next to symrna tree ,after a week when most wasps would have left double bag in black plastic garbage bags and leave in sun for a few weeks bucket and all .KIND OF LIKE HANDELING A RATTLE SNAKE ,IT CAN BE DONE BUT YOU MAY GET BIT !!!!! WISE PEOPLE AVOID RATTLE SNAKES/BFF !! also afix screen to bucket to keep criters out and big rock to keep from tiping and spilling posible infected dirt into your soil .MAY ACTUALY BE MORE DIFICULT TO DO SAFELY THAN ITS WORTH !
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      does not look like any one is going to turn you on to a waspy capri fig ? i do not fig hunt in your area ,closest waspy capri i know of is in fillmore ,sugjest you go hunting in your part of the world lots of old nieborhods around you , figs to find !
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        I didn't see any wasps this year, but some of my Smyrnas are holding on, so possibly they got caprified.

        I hope the window isn't closed for ya, but I think Fig Gazer's advice is best. You might have to search down a caprifig on your own atm.
        Tom V
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          persianmd2orchard I saw wasps a few times this year, but they were early. Just now I am seeing exploding figs that are very small. So I might have missed some other visits. I'm pretty sure my area has several different wasp populations. No sign of BFF, but there are a few being damaged by birds and squirrels. Fig Gazer is giving you good advice because your area has confirmed find of the Black Fig Fly. If you do locate some capri figs trees be really careful bringing those fruit home, as they could have the BFF larvae or pupa in them. If you follow his advice you will be safer. You don't want those flies to establish in your fig garden!
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            I saw some caprifigs on the 57N shoulder just south of Diamond Bar. Shoot me a PM and I'll give you a better location. I did see some figs on some of the trees. I probably saw a half dozen, so they probably have the wasp.
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