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  • Help me ID these two figs

    Hey friends, I recently visited 3 mother plants I put in ground about 3 years ago. Two of them where top worked with a few additional varieties.
    One of the grafts is from a member on here who sent me figs a while back, the other green fig is on its roots and I recall it possibly being an Italian honey type fig but could be wrong so I would also appreciate if anyone could help to ID it correctly if possible.
    So here are some pics of the unks in question, they are at the top and bottom of the first picture on the fig leaf.
    The leaf shot with FMV on it is the branch of the other unk fig while the last few are the Honey fig tree on it's roots.
    Beautiful and delicious figs which I hope to enjoy and share with others for many years.
    Hope your all having a great grow season, blessings to you and yours.
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    Those are super cool trident shaped leaves. Wish I had an answer for you
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    WL: Delicious figs


    • Mateo Milmo
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      I agree, loving that honey fig plant and the way it’s producing and growing.

    • Halligan-
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      They are definitely happy where you planted them👍🏻

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    Bumping with pics of some figs I harvested today. These figs held up well and where effectively starting to dry on the tree, ants where getting to them though if I hadn’t harvested them they would’ve been goners for sure. Any ideas regarding variety are much appreciated.
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      Inside of the fruit. The green figs where very good and jammy, the flavor depth increased from my first fig I got to taste. These turned a deeper amber color and had more complexity to them than other figs I’ve had from the tree. Very exquisite tasting, I’d really like to get this IDed correctly if possible.
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      Monterrey, MX Zone 10b // San Antonio,TX Zone 9a


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        They look great Mateo….sorry idk what variety!
        CJ in Memphis 7b/8a….tight eyes, nonsplitters...Pons figs, French figs, Mario figs & tasty Cali seedlings!