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  • Main crop from my unk green fig

    The main crop is finally starting to ripen on my unknown green fig tree and they are quite tasty. They are likely caprified. A bit of honey and a bit of berry. Last year the berry flavor got more intense for the figs I left on the tree a bit longer. I'm fighting some rodents right now, so I'm picking them as they get a bit soft since I've had a few I waited for only to find the fig and organza bag chewed up. I haven't noticed any new figs chewed up since I trapped a rat and sprinkled cinnamon around the tree, so maybe I'll have a better picture to post soon.

    edit: I'm in north county san diego (San Marcos) if anyone wants to trade/wants a clone of this. I have air layers and some rooted cuttings, although with the BFF issue going on, I can also just trade cuttings or wait until winter for dormant cuttings. I've inspected my trees and every fig that has dropped from the tree with no signs of BFF so far.
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