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  • Fig Season Is Really Starting!

    Lots of goodies are coming in now.
    Grandes Plannes
    Los Santos 2
    Black Manzanita
    Fico Giallo
    Unk Prosciutto
    Angelo’s Dark
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    Eric - Lebanon, TN Zone 7a

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    Eric, are these all main crop?
    Mark -- living in the CA banana belt, growing bananas, figs, and most any fruit I can fit in my small, crowded yard.
    Wish List: more free time


    • Evdurtschi
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      Yes. None have been caprified so far. These were all up against the wall. They’re 3-4 weeks ahead of the other trees.

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    Looks so appetizing! 🤤
    Zone 5 Barrie, on


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      What is the proper verbiage for fig envy?
      Zone 6a/b - west of Boston
      Waiting for climate change to bump me to Zone 8


      • DavidW
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      Good to see some well ripened wasp free figs,
      great representations!
      Round Rock, TX 8b
      WL: Delicious figs


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        I’ve been picking RdB’s since July 11. I’ve picked over a dozen so far, plus several Chicago Hardy’s and an Olympian that was 100g. Olympian REALLY impresses me that it ripens 100g main crop mid-July. I wonder how an EBT would ripen in California?

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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        Zone 8A Southeast NC Coast
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        • Noah Mercy
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          Those are looking good! So far we've had JH adriatic, LSU purple and three black madeira... all pretty good but the JH adriatic was my favorite - lots more coming.

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        TheMillennialGardener Wow that is amazing! I have an Olympian with a few figs, my RDB was killed by my mother in law while on vacation I’ve got many other trees ripening soon so hopefully in a week I’ll be in fig heaven, all the hard work and spousal arguments will finally pay off
        Zone 7a Westchester County, NY
        Wish List: De La Roca. Vincenzo, Verdolino, Blanche De Deu’s Saisons


        • TheMillennialGardener
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          Ah, the old vacation death. I lost one of my I-258's the same exact way. Luckily, I had two, and the one that survived is a beast. This is precisely why I'm trying to slowly move my trees in-ground and eliminate the container garden where they'll never dry out or be over-watered. If you have some land, moving them in-ground is the way to go.

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        Evdurtschi which fig is the first two pics? They are beauts
        Zone 7a Westchester County, NY
        Wish List: De La Roca. Vincenzo, Verdolino, Blanche De Deu’s Saisons


        • Evdurtschi
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          If you see them in the same order that I see them, the first is Grandes Plannes and then Smith

        • Frankenberry
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          Evdurtschi maybe put names on the picts in the future. Then there is no question..

        • Evdurtschi
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          Frankenberry That is assuming I have time for that.... lol

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        That looks great 👌
        Chicago Zone 5b


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          So beautiful!
          Almaguin Highlands, Canada. Zone 4a/3b. WL: Ronde de Bordeaux, Florea, Hollier, Dauphine, Gisotta nero, Verdolino, Malta Black, Violet Sepor .Any early finishers would help, just starting out, not picky. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication~Da Vinci