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  • First ever fig

    So my first ever fresh fig was this RdB. Not sure if I picked too early as the color wasn’t as dark as I expected but it was soft and cracking everywhere and it took practically zero effort to pick it off the tree. The taste was sweet and more like melon than I expected considering this is commonly referred to as a “berry” fig. Overall it was delicious and I’m looking forward to my other varieties ripening.

    Let me know if you think I could’ve let it sit on the tree a little longer.
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    There's a saying "The first pancake is never the best." The flavor was not as described, but that's not a surprise. Have you had a lot of rain recently? That can also water down the flavor. With each fig it produces, your tree will get better. Mature trees produce the best fruit. Regardless, you ripened your first fig! Way to go! Growing your own food is a pretty good feeling, and the best is yet to come...
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    • Zzznor
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      That analogy makes a lot of sense, thanks! And now that you mention it we did have a ton of rain the past 2 weeks, in fact, 1 fig had already split before this one. I didn’t know it could impact the flavor though.

    • 2AngelsMushrooms
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      It makes a really big difference here, and some varieties handle excess rain better than others.

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    Let your RdB mature a year or two and the taste will improve. Overall good looking fig.
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      Congratulations! It looks yummy.
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        That's not uncommon, so don't worry. Young trees tend to produce less tasty fruit and especially the first ones to ripen are usually not very complex in my experience. My 1st smith fig for example was a major let down, but the following year it was producing some of the best tasting figs I'd ever had. Congrats on your first fig! It only gets better from here
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          If it only gets better from here then I’m in for a treat. My Smith figs are still in the early stages so hopefully I get to try some by the end of the season.

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        Congratulations and great job!
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