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  • Casa di Lazzaro - Mario #50

    Wow. Excellent fig. It is definitely earlier than any of my BM types and has a softer skin. Very rich berry flavor, pool of honey, meaty with a nice seed crunch. Definitely a winner.

    This is the first this year and there are 5-6 more that will be ready within the week.
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    Eric - Lebanon, TN Zone 7a

  • #2
    With all these pics and descriptions you are making hard for me to keep my varieties around 20. Lol
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


    • Ktrain
      Ktrain commented
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      I'm actually forgoing what I really want (that would have to live in pots) and looking for some that will do good in ground here.
      A few from the LSU line up, I have Imp Celeste, Gold, & Tiger. Not sure what all does good in the hot humid south.

    • goodfriendmike
      goodfriendmike commented
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      Man its going to take me awhile to find what works well here in La. As soon as I know I will let you know. Hope you still like figs in 2 years lol

    • Ktrain
      Ktrain commented
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      Well I have plans for 5 to go in ground this coming spring, Smith, WM#1, Imp Celeste, CH, & LSU Tiger.....Have room for a few more.
      Just need to figure out which ones.

      I couldn't imagine not liking figs....2 years or 25....Love'em. lol

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    Wow, your figs are early! Looks great!
    San Francisco Zone 10B.
    WL: None


    • #4
      Nice. I thought it was similar to I258 and not a BM?
      Zone 7A-Long Island
      Wish List: Zaffiro, Del Cor, Exquisito


      • Evdurtschi
        Evdurtschi commented
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        It’s delicious, whatever it is. :-)

    • #5
      My Figo Preto will probably ripen earlier than my #50.
      #50 is in its second leaf and FP is in its fourth leaf.
      Not a fair comparison.
      Zone 8B - Cottage Grove, Or
      Wish List - Crema di Wheat


      • #6
        Any photos of the plants growth habit?
        Let a little water be brought, and then you may all wash your feet and rest under this tree.


        • #7
          Thank you Eric for doing such a good job and good luck
          Wallingford,Ct. zone 6b


          • Evdurtschi
            Evdurtschi commented
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            Thank YOU!!! I will update later this season. It’s really starting to ripen a bunch of figs and they’re even better now

        • #8
          Beautiful Fig Eric! One of my favorites!