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  • Random Figs

    The Ciutat was a total surprise. This is a one off as the others don’t even appear close. It isn’t a breba either and, according to my records, several main started forming at the same time. Odd, but I’ll take it!! It was truly exquisite.
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    Eric - Lebanon, TN Zone 7a

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    They all look exceptional!! I do love the look of the Ciutat!!
    New Madrid, Mo. Z7


    We all bleed fig-honey!


    • ZomVee
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      Yeah, me too. Ciutat looks great.

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      How was moscatel preto for you? I have one on mine that I think will ripen this year.

      Did Campaniere have any berriness to it at all? The few I sampled last year amidst the smoke on Chris’ tree didn’t have any berry flavor that I could pick up.


      • Evdurtschi
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        Moscatel Preto is a really nice sweet fig. More complex than many sugar figs. I like them. Early and productive with breba that are equally as delicious.

        This Campaniere had mild berry flavor. This variety really needs to be allowed to start drying on the tree to be at its best.

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      They all look good! I’m curious what you think of Campaniere too. I’ve been tossing that one back and forth if I should get it, or just hold off for now. Is it top 10 worthy for SoCal?
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      • Evdurtschi
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        When caprified, they are much better. That said, they are good figs and my tree is still quite young so they’ll only improve.
        The best thing about this is how early it is. It is also a light fig so the birds leave them alone

      • Fig Gazer
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        TRADE you a bunch of my realy smart birds for your not so smart birds