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  • Nerucciola d’Elba June 22

    I was just talking about this variety with Sod and I realized that I hadn’t posted about it yet!! I’m shirking my Fig-Tator duties!!!

    This was a full month ago. One of the very first main crop figs this year. It was tiny but mighty. Packed with flavor and gorgeous. Probably the best of the super early varieties I’ve tried and it is SUPER productive as well.
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    Eric - Lebanon, TN Zone 7a

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    Very nice, what’s it taste like?
    Zone 5 Barrie, on


    • Evdurtschi
      Evdurtschi commented
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      A fig. 😂 This has a nice berry flavor with a thick and jammy texture

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    That's a very pretty ( and tasty looking) one.
    C.Florida 9B WL: I-258 , Black Ischia, Ham Rham, Ghoudane , Moro de Caneva


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      Nice! Thanks for posting. My tree has been growing so wonky I’ve almost thrown in the towel on it to find a cleaner source. Have you noticed any FMV issues with yours? I’m hoping my tree will grow out of it, but it’s the worst looking plant I’m growing!!!
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      • Dtownfigs
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        I might have to hit you up for a cutting this winter so I can begin a new. Not sure what’s up with my tree.

      • Sod
        Sod commented
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        Hey man. Mine is kind of in the same boat. It seems to be fighting fmv pretty hard. I think the thin growth is definitely there though too. I figured that was due to fmv.

      • SubmarinePete
        SubmarinePete commented
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        I wouldn’t throw it out. I’m think NdE is just a slow grower. I’ll post a pic.

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      This is one of the varieties I failed on this year. Nice to see it’s def one to have.Evdurtschi keep the reviews coming!
      Zone 7a Westchester County, NY
      Wish List: De La Roca. Vincenzo, Verdolino, Blanche De Deu’s Saisons


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        Dang it! Now I’ll have to wait another year too add it! Thanks Eric! Haha

        Looks great man.
        Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Sucrette UCD, Rubado


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          My cutting rooted easily and is now about 3 ft tall. It's in its first leaf, but it has figs at every node. Loving this variety so far!
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          Angel #1 at 2 Angels Mushrooms & Figs-Chattanooga, TN Zone 7-B
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            That looks like an awesome tasting fig! How old is the tree? Have a first year rooted cutting wondering if it’ll fruit next year.


            • Evdurtschi
              Evdurtschi commented
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              I rooted it last fall

            • Figgymonster
              Figgymonster commented
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              There is hope! Thanks.

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            Is this the belfiore type?
            Zone 6A