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  • Manzanita Black Main 2021

    There will be many more and they will mostly be even better than this one bc I accidentally knocked it off when I was moving trees around and knocked into it.

    This was delicious! It was not caprified but still had nice moderate berry flavor with a nice soft chewy skin that was sweet and it had a dense and jammy interior.

    I was so excited to see it that I started eating before I remembered I needed to take a pic of the inside. 😬

    Definitely a promising start for this tree!
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    Eric - Lebanon, TN Zone 7a

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    I’m looking forward to this one. I rooted some cuttings and also grafted one. I hope they can get to this level of ripeness.
    San Francisco Zone 10B.
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      Looking forward to this!
      AKA Frankenberry/Scubasamdo
      Arroyo Grande / Central Coast of California, 10a/b, AHS 1


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        It looks mesmerizing! Is this your find?
        California is located very, very far from the Caucasus
        Андрей. N.-W. Кавказ, пень Абрау, 7б-8а


        • Vladis
          Vladis commented
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          Мне присылали черенки из Калифорнии. Были бы деньги на ЕМС.

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        Very happy to see it looking so good uncaprified, hopefully mine will look like that in the not so distant future.
        Joe, Central Bucks, PA Zone 6b/7a


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          Eric, stupid question.....you have the wasp so how do you know when a variety is caprified or not?
          Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania / Zone 6b


          • Evdurtschi
            Evdurtschi commented
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            If you put the seeds in water and they float, they haven’t been caprified. Caprified seeds sink

          • BlueEagle1967
            BlueEagle1967 commented
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            Excellent. Thanks for the response Eric and it's very much appreciated.

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          Looks nice Eric
          Dfoster25 on Figbid



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            Lovely!! Eric, I’m wondering when BM ripens. Early, Mid, Late???
            Wish list. White Baca, Kafe Te Jiate, Crozes, Angelito, TD Yellow Crinkle, Brown Sugar Crunch, Algerian Chetoui


            • Evdurtschi
              Evdurtschi commented
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              Good question. :-) I am not a good judge of that but it seems pretty early this year

            • Dtownfigs
              Dtownfigs commented
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              Looking forward to more reports from different parts of the country

            • Achilles
              Achilles commented
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              The main crop is def mid-season....obviously based on climate but not late by any means.

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            This is the same as Black Manzanita, correct?

            I see you aren’t getting the super dark pulp on yours either. I wonder if that comes from caprification?

            Black Manzanita was actually my first fig to ripen this year and I thought that was just a one-off because I started it under grow lights, but now I have a bunch of them ripening and the only other ones ripening are ones that are usually “early” figs. Maybe this is an earlier variety?

            Click image for larger version

Name:	0177BC06-14FE-4D9E-8646-8FC51B14F626.jpeg
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            FigLife: www.figlife.com
            Sacramento, CA - zone 9b


            • Evdurtschi
              Evdurtschi commented
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              Oops. Yes. It’s Black Manzanita. I keep switching it.
              The ones I tried last year were not caprified either and were the super dark color but they were also totally ripe. Maybe that comes with age or something.

            • SubmarinePete
              SubmarinePete commented
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              Evdurtschi Ok, I'm going to try to let these get super ripe then and see if I can get the coloring. Thanks!

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            I got a few Black Manzanita cuttings this year, and they rooted stronger and faster than anything else I tried this year. I waited until it was warm outside to root on the porch, so now I have a few young ones growing. Won't be big enough to fruit this year, but I'm looking forward to this one next year.
            Zone 7B/8A Wake Forest, NC. Wish list - 1. To stop murdering fig cuttings. 2. To find the biggest, juiciest, cold hardiest, most delicious common fig in the world! (and not murder it)


            • Achilles
              Achilles commented
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              I've found it to be one of the most aggressive and vigorous growers in my collection. Rooted cuttings from Jan are now 5ft tall and frutiing.

            • Michael
              Michael commented
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              I think CA is just a magic land for figs.

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            Eric, thanks for the nice photo and the fact that this fig is not caprified (allows us non-wasp folks to see what the common fig looks like) About what size do these figs get?
            Leon-Albuquerque, NM Zone 7b


            • Evdurtschi
              Evdurtschi commented
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              I didn’t weigh it but I would say it is a medium/large fig

            • Achilles
              Achilles commented
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              Def mid to large sized fig

            • leon_edmond
              leon_edmond commented
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              Thank you. It looks like a nice fig. I have several scion grafts of this variety and I am eager to see how it performs in New Mexico.