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  • The aftermath of the heatwave

    As many recall, a few weeks back we had a really intense heatwave come through for 3 or 4 days. For the most part the trees did fine, however some suffered some burnt leaves that I ended up cutting off. I also lost the skin on my greenhouse. It was completely shredded in the wind and high heat.

    I have only counted one casualty from the trees. I thought maybe it might come back from below but nothing yet. It’s a mattepinta that was very green and only about a foot tall. The trunk completely bleached out and is now shriveled up. Nothing could be done. It was protected with the rest and maybe just more sensitive. if I remember I’ll take a pic later. I’m supposed to be resting for a few days so I may forget.

    How did everyone else’s trees do now that we’re past the blast furnace?

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    Seems like I can't really see any lasting damage from the extreme heat except for maybe a few leaf tips getting toasted. By now, you can't tell anything happened.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	tiger 6-21.jpg
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ID:	1017727 LSU Tiger after the heat wave Click image for larger version

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      Wow your greenhouse got shredded? That’s crazy. You know what that means though? Time for an upgrade!
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      • Sod
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        Lol. Just new skin on it. Luckily I don’t need it right away. I’ve got time to replace it.

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      Sod Don't wait to purchase your materials to replace the greenhouse "skin" until the cool weather hits...materials will be out of stock...you know how that goes!!
      Pm me for the list of trees available for sale.
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      • Achilles
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        crazy good advice right there. if you wait to get materials, that's when everyone else will be racing to get stuff too.

      • Sod
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        Good call. Thanks Nancy.

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      Sorry about the damage. What did you use for plastic on the greenhouse and how old was it? I splurged and went with a higher grade greenhouse plastic when we built my cattle panel greenhouse last year. So far it has survived winter, high winds this spring, and a heatwave earlier this month. I'm hoping I get close to the five-six years it's supposed to last.
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      • Sod
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        I put the plastic on back in November. I used 4mm but I’m going to spend the extra and get 6 or 8.

      • ginamcd
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        I used the Thermal AC 6 mil based on recommendations from a few other members.

      • Sod
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        Thanks. I’ll look into that.

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      I moved all mine (1 gallon pots) into the shade, partially (pots fully shaded) and suffered no adverse effects. If anything, they finally woke up a bit.

      Also, my pomegranate grew 8 inches in about 4 days, it was crazy.
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