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  • LSU Black

    Is this variety prone to splitting? I just found one that is nowhere close to being ripe and it had opened up like a flower. I am just wondering if I made a bad choice in purchasing this variety.
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    I actually didn't know there was an LSU Black...hm

    Learn something new every day.
    Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

    Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


    • Ktrain
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      Red_Sun okay hold the door .. Cajun B said below there is Scotts Black, Black (purple), and late Black (thibodeaux) so which is it? Lol

    • Red_Sun
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      So far, the LSU Scott's Black is the only LSU that I like. But no fig yet. It looks more like the berry profile I have. I do not have much hope for the LSU Red. The LSU Gold and Improved Celeste have not been to my likings.

    • Ktrain
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      Red_Sun I think I got rid of Scotts Black to soon...but that's okay.
      I did recently get St Gabriels Black which I do like.
      May try Thibodeaux at some point.
      Not fond of Gold, Purple is not a bad fig....not spectacular.
      Not really interested in trying Red.
      Probably ditch Champagne, Hollier is way better.
      Culled Scotts Yellow.

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    I don’t know about GA but it’s an excellent fig here and I don’t recall it being a splitter assuming it’s a Scott’s Black.
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      IIRC there is a LSU Scotts Black, a LSU Black and a LSU Late Black, all three different figs.
      Eatonton, GA zone 7b/8a


      • TNJed
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        I believe Late Black is actually Thibodeaux, per Cajun B. There is an LSU Black, but JFE sells LSU Scott’sBlack labeled as LSU Black. So many ppl have ended up thinking their Scott’sBlack is plain Black. Think I’m remembering that right….

      • Halligan-
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        TNJed that’s great to know, thanks!
        I guess I need all three to confirm🤣😂🤣

      • davej
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        Yeah, I'd be interested in how these three compare.

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      I had a lot of fruit from LSU Black last year, and yes it did split a lot. My LSU Black tree was right next to my RLBV tree and it was a stark contrast. RLBV did really well in the rain and bugs and LSU Black did not. Despite that I kept it this year because it did grow well and produce a lot of fruit.
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        There is a LSU Scott's Black,it does well in rainy climate in the deep south,The Late Black is the LSU Thibodaux and the LSU Black is just a LSU Purple that some one was tying to sell as a LSU Black,as for as a know there is no LSU Black......I almost forget,there is a LSU St.Gabriel Black also.
        Chackbay LA Zone 9A


        • wellingtonbill
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          I do not get it. Sometimes my pics post and other times - poof! So sorry! I see the pictures but you do not. Strange??

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        LSU Thibodaux/Thibodeaux second year fruiting. I was surprized first two were hollow with honey water. Flavor not so special size nice. Would appreciate comments.


        • warpcore
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          Should there be pics?

        • TNJed
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          I’ve had the same experience w Thibodeaux

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        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8597.jpg
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Name:	IMG_8618.jpg
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ID:	1412681 Here here are photos of my LSU THIBODAUX taken last year on Sept 2nd. Later this year due to freeze back to the ground. Last photo is LSUT and Robert’s Golden Rainbow. Both 100g figs, both varieties rather tasteless to me. Lost RGR to freeze (it was grafted) and was glad as I had planned on grafting over it. Hoping LSU THIBODAUX will have more taste this year.
        Hilliard Lawler, DVM, Indianola, Mississippi Zone 8A
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          LSU released 6 figs.......but there are probably 2 dozen plants sold with the LSU designation. I have always preached buyer beware with any fig that claims to be from LSU.


          • wellingtonbill
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            I agree, I accept just a couple Louisiana fig growers word on on-site finds and documentation of location of finds - such as DC figs. Fig growing and finds had become dangerous, big business and unfairly costly.