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  • Got my first tomato

    Got my first Cherokee Purple yesterday. Although it was very tasty it was small. The millennial gardener was right about this variety not being a good producer. I have 2 plants and there’s 5 on one and 4 on the other. He suggested next time to try Rosella Purple. Has anyone else gotten good crop from Cherokee Purple? Maybe it just doesn’t do well in the south.
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    Teresa Staunton Va Zone 6B

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    Cherokee Purple is my favorite tomato but it is a shy bearer. Black Krim and Paul Robeson are usually much better producers and they have a similar flavor.
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      I got them coming out of my ears last year. Hugely productive. I’ve got them again this year along with the yellow brandywines that I love.


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        Ah. That could be. German types of heirlooms tend to do awesome here. You may be onto something. I’m not really that cool though. Pretty typically in the 80s and 90s.
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        Figgerlickinggood I think you guys are about equally hot to me at the moment. Maybe it prefers to be dryer?

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        Cherokee is very productive here, where it's very hot, but very dry. Brandywines and some Germans, like German Johnson, hardly produce at all. Black Krim does well, though not quite as productive as Cherokee Purple. We've worked hard to compile productivity reports from customers here in our region so that we can make good recommendations, and it's amazing how much they differ from other parts of the country. I'm so glad we have enough variety to find ones that work for people in different places.

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      I do love to munch maters. But not as much as figs. Lol
      Kevin, N. Ga 7b Cheers!

      Wishing all of you a bountiful harvest!


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        They do good here in 9a. I had 4 of them in containers this year and they produced well. Tomatoes closest in picture, Cherokee Purples. Click image for larger version  Name:	Cherokee purple in tray.jpg Views:	0 Size:	435.5 KB ID:	1017957 Crawfish trays work good for holding tomatoes. I had 2 this year that weighed a pound, most around 12 oz. I grow them for their flavor.
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        • Wisner
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          I use 25 gallon containers, 1 CP per pot or 2 Celebrity tomatoes per pot. I sometimes water everday when they get big according to how much it rains. What gets tiresome is hauling tomatoes to the house. LOL.

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          Give me your problem hauling. LOL

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          I sprayed them twice with Daconil fungicide. I think that helped with disease problems. Also used calcium nitrate fertilizer once a week when tomatoes started forming for nitrogen and calcium to fight blossum-end rot. Also sprayed Spinosad to control tomato pin worms that can make holes in the tomatoes. I had some Osmocote in the containers and gave them a few waterings with Miracle Gro powder. It was a good season, I was blessed with a good harvest.

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        Cherokee purple is by far the best tomatoes I’ve ever had but they are finicky... I only average about 10-20/plant but size generally isn’t a problem. I’ll second the comment on black Krim being similar and producing better, but they certainly are not as good.
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          I have tried Cherokee Purple twice here and it produced poorly. Black Krim and Black Brandywine this year are far more productive, wonderful flavor for both
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            Cherokee Purple was introduced by Craig LeHoullier of NC and I believe it is still among his favorites, so I would say it likely grows just fine in southern regions. I did try it once up here, but it barely produced and I have not grown it again. While it took me a while to warm up to black tomatoes, Sleeping Lady Dwarf has become a must grow variety.
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